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Yoga Paragraph

People have adopted many ways of calming themselves throughout the ages. Even more so in the hectic and work-loaded present, having a clear sense of mind is a necessity. This is why people do activities such as sports, other recreational activity or therapeutic spas. Out of the many recreational activities, Yoga has been followed through the centuries.

It is said that Yoga came into practice six thousand years ago and originated in the subcontinent of India. Various sages came together and started practicing Yoga hence giving a start to it. The word yoga is even mentioned in the oldest sacred text, the Rigveda. The word is derived from the Sanskrit language and translates to union and discipline (“union, to unite or join together”).

Practicing Yoga has various benefits to our mind and body. It is a great technique to get relief from stress and anxiety. In other words, Yoga can be said as a form of exercise that unites us with our surroundings. Yoga is usually done silently and in peaceful areas where we concentrate on our breathing and posture. It helps us connect with nature and become more self-aware. The various postures and breathing techniques practiced in yoga make us flexible and our brains sharp.

Yoga helps us in sharpening our minds and improves our intelligence. Our emotions can be easily suppressed and controlled if we are adept in the art of Yoga. Concentrating only on what our ears hear and nose breath helps us achieve a higher level of concentration. Yoga helps us stay happy. It helps get rid of unnecessary thoughts and brings positivity. Yoga emphasizes the importance of being in the present and living the moment which helps people find peace and treat anxiety.

Our heart is an essential component of our body we cannot live without. Yoga and meditation have also proved to help keep our hearts healthy and pumping. Studies have shown yoga helps improve heart health and reduce several risk factors for heart diseases mainly due to the stress that yoga relieves. Yoga helps us have proper sleep and helps us not fall or recover from depression as yoga is shown to have anti-depressant effects on the human brain and body. Yoga gives peace and releases anti-stress hormones.

Not only mentally but physically too yoga poses are shown to make people stronger and flexible. Different yoga poses practiced throughout one’s time will definitely make one stronger and more flexible. Practicing yoga can be an effective way to gain muscles, boost our strength.

All the importance of Yoga has not only been realized by the Indians but people all over the globe. Yoga has undergone a significant change in the last century due to globalization. Even Yoga in India only came into mass practice in the 20th century with people from all around the globe joining in. To make people aware of the benefits of Yoga, the 21st of June every year is celebrated as the International Day of Yoga.

There are also various types of yoga followed all over. They include Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Kriya Yoga.

Karma Yoga is also known as the discipline of actions. It is one of the four basic paths of yoga that instructs us to take unselfish actions. Meditation and Yoga are done to achieve a spiritual path and connection with God, not for gathering wealth and being greedy. This is the most primary lesson given to the followers of Karma yoga.

Jnana Yoga is also known as the Yoga of Wisdom. It is said to be the most difficult path to pursue. This type of yoga teaches a person to merge with their inner self with the help of different mental practices. This method teaches how to keep the mind and emotions in check by emphasizing six essential virtues: tranquility, control, and sacrifice, tolerance, faith, and focus. Meditation into the deep conscious mind and self-questioning sessions is the way to achieve true wisdom.

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The word bhakti means devotion. In a similar sense, Bhakti Yoga is known as devotional yoga. This Yoga teaches us that the path to attain spiritual enlightenment is through love and devotion. This yoga involves singing praises of Gods and engaging in worship and rituals. This is the most popular type of yoga which purifies our mind and soul. Pursuing this yoga helps develop compassionate feelings and purifies our inner self.

Kriya Yoga is the only type of yoga that includes physical practice. Numerous body postures are performed using the breath control meditation technique. It is the practice in which the growth of the body, mind, and soul takes place. It helps relieve our tense muscles and stress and clears our minds. When the mind is at peace, it is exactly then we can do our works. This meditation improves brains functions, sharpens our memory, and helps build endurance. Our blood also absorbs a lot of oxygen this way. This Yoga is also practiced all over the world.

Yoga has taken all over the world and is practiced widely and for good reasons. Yoga helps us mend and soothe our souls, makes us self-aware and various other qualities like discipline and patience are honed while we practice Yoga. Physically too it makes us flexible, some yoga positions targeting specific muscles and making them stronger, some relieving it and keeping us fit. It has a lot of health benefits and should be practiced from time to time. Our health is the most important factor in our lives and we should take proper care of it.

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