10 Reasons why blind date became so popular in Nepal

You probably have already known about the reality show Blind Date. The reality show has just finished its first season with a whopping amount of viewers and has achieved huge success despite being a low-budget Youtube-based reality show.

The show became the buzz of the town and was equally criticized and loved by the viewers. The reality show became the hot topic after its first trailer was released on 14th February 2021.

The concept of the show is based on finding your loved ones through random blind dates. Five girls and boys with different personalities go on blind dates set up in the show and talk about their likes and interest. Simple and boring as it seems, the dialogues, fights, and corny incidents make the show interesting.

When the first episode was released, almost everyone called the show out for being a cringy reality show ever but still, it became one of the most successful and popular reality shows in Nepal.

Here are 10 reasons why Blind Date became so popular in Nepal:

1. Fear of Missing out syndrome

So, basically, Blind date started out as the most cringy and waste of time show. People love gossips and Blind date was the hot talk in the town. Whether you open your Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, a blind date was literally everywhere. Everyone was talking about a blind date. They were like ‘ Oi taile tyo blind date heris ?

So, most of the people watched the show out of curiosity or just to blend in with their peer groups who have actually watched the show. The blind date became the hot talk that those who didn’t watch the show feel left out to not know what’s going on. So, most of the people watched it out of Fear of missing out.

2. The meme marketing

People love making trolls and memes and Blind date was just a boon for them. The statement and scenes of the blind date became the meme material. Particularly, Shilu Pokharel and Devendra, the first contestants and most popular contestants of the show were meme materials.

Shilu’s dialogue in the show either it be ” 15 thousand ko foundation lagauchu’ or ”Malai man paraune ko line baneswor dekhi thankot samma cha’ became the most trolled statements. On one hand, the memes were making them popular as well as it was like free marketing for the show.

why Blind Date became so popular in Nepal

3. Perfect Timing

The show was released amidst the lockdown when people literally had nothing to do. So, it was fresh content for the people to watch when they were bored in their home.

4. Well-scripted

Though tagged as the reality show, people knew from the first episode that the show was entirely scripted. But, the show was well-scripted that even though people were aware of it, they were curious about finding out what would happen next. The show had created curiosity among people and that’s why they continued watching the show despite watching the first show mistakenly.

5.Relatable characters

The blind date had different personality characters in the shows which people can relate it. Admit it we have seen confident and unapologetic women like Shilu Pokharel or Classic boko like Devendra. The show gave such interesting characters which made the show more interesting and fun to watch.

6.The perfect Acting

The acting of the contestants was so natural given the fact that the entire show was scripted. People loved the characters of the Blind date though they were just portraying the character they were given to make the show interesting.

The rumors say the Blind date winner Shilu Pokharel and KK aka Goldie were already couples prior to coming to Blind date. The acting of the contestant felt too natural and real and that’s why people could connect to the show more.

7. Fresh concept for Youths

While Nepali reality shows such as Voice of Nepal, Nepal Idol have been gaining popularity. These reality shows are family-based reality shows that you can watch with your family. But, the Blind date was different. It even labelled itself as 18+ for it’s sexual jokes. Most Nepalese youths have been watching Spiltsvilla or love school, a similar-themed Indian reality show but Blind date was something fresh for the youths.

8. Funny and interesting

No one can deny the fact that the show is funny and interesting and that’s its selling point. The show features funny events which are actually forced and scripted which people would never do in real life. The events are forced and scripted to be funny which people know and that makes it even funnier.

9.The storyline

Blind date probably has the most interesting storyline than any Nepali movie out there. The first episode introduced Shilu Pokharel and Devendra and featured their love story. The show targeted these two contestants as the center of the reality show first, making the audience believe that these two would end up at the last. But, no one had probably thought Shilu would end up with KK.

10. Controversial

The show was controversial on several events and dialogues portrayed in the show. Either it is sexual jokes, objectifying women, or calling out women gold diggers. The date of Devendra asking the girl how many men she had physical relationships with raised serious controversy amongst the people on how the show was insulting and objectifying the girls in the name of the views.

Thus, these reasons made Blind date season 1 a popular and successful reality show and the producers of the show have already announced season 2.

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