Upcoming IPOs in Nepal in 2081 (2024) – Initial Public Offerings

upcoming ipo in nepal

Initial Public Offerings or IPO in short, is the issuance of share by any company for the first time. Any public company can issue its share to the public to raise the fund. To issue an IPO, a company must undergo the detail procedure to be eligible for issuing an IPO to public. The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) is a govern body for regulating the security market.

Following are the upcoming IPOs in Nepal in 2080 (2023) that is recently been opening. These data are extracted from the official website of Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON).

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal with Date

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2024 (Pipelined in SEBON)

These upcoming IPOs are list of companies that have already submitted the application for share issuance. Some of these companies are in under approval process, some are approved ones.

Source –SEBON

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2024 (Hydro Sector)

The hydropower sector is one of the major industries in Nepal. Nepal is rich in water resources and there are plenty of hydropower projects running all across the country. There are more than 40 hydropower companies in Nepal listed in NEPSE. There are many big projects that are also in the construction phase. These companies are in the pipeline of SEBON for issuing shares to the public. Following are the Upcoming IPOs in Nepal in the hydropower sector in 2023.

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal in Nepal 2024 (Microfinance Sector)

Microfinance is also one of the best sectors in Nepse. In fact, the microfinance sector is the best sector that gives high returns to investors. As of  March 21, 2023, there are 48 microfinances that are listed in NEPSE. You can get a list of microfinance here. Following are the Upcoming IPOs in Nepal in the hydropower sector.

What is an IPO?

IPO is a short form of Initial Public Offerings. This is the term when any public company offers to buy their shares for the first time. After issuing IPO, the company’s shares can be traded in the secondary market. In the case of Nepal, there is only one secondary market popularly known as Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

Which IPO is Coming Soon in Nepal?

Above listed companies are the latest IPOs which are submitted their application to the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON). SEBON will review every application and process for the further IPO steps.

How to Know Upcoming IPOs in Nepal?

For any company, there is one regulatory body Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) which regulates all the capital market activities in Nepal. So, the individual companies must go through the approval process by SEBON. SEBON screens individual companies and ask for the necessary documentation to assess whether they full fil the predetermined criteria.


We can get the information regarding the upcoming IPO in Nepal through SEBON’s Official Website. Besides this, there are many third-party websites such as Share Gyan that publish the upcoming IPO details.

Where Can I Get a List of Upcoming Upcoming IPOs in Nepal? 

There is only one official source that you can trust if the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) publishes the IPO status. Individual companies must go through the application process of SEBON. Before issuing IPO in Nepal, first SEBON must approve the companies. If the company does not fulfill the predefined criteria, then the company must meet the criteria and resubmit the application again.

Besides SEBON’s official website, there are plenty of third-party websites such as ShareSansar.com, MeroLagani.com, Bizshala.com, ClickMandu.com, BizPati.com, NoteBazar.com, etc. These are the trusted website you can surf.

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