Top 10 Underrated Bands From Nepal

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Top10 Underrated Bands From Nepal

The Nepali music industry is evolving faster than ever. In the age where Music bands are mushrooming rapidly in every nook and corner some bands go way too underrated.  Underrated Nepali Bands are musically great but because their music is new and rare to Nepali music audiences, these bands go unnoticed by many.

We have many amazingly talented underrated bands from Nepal and it’s a disappointment they are not widely known. Therefore we bring you the information-packed article about the Underrated Nepali Bands so let’s jump into the list of Top 10 underrated bands from Nepal.

1. Night (Unto The Night)

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Image Source – Night

Night aka Unto The Night is a Kathmandu based new school folk band formed in 2006, with members coming from different musical backgrounds. The band was formed by a bunch of friends who were avid listeners of metal music. During the band’s inception days they did more heavy music like Metal.

The band has gone through many changes since its formation and is now doing folk music inspired by the diverse musical cultures of Nepal using different traditional instruments. Currently, the bands are of four members with the frontman of the band Jason Kunwar(vocals, sarangi, flute, piwancha, nepali banjo, nya-khin), Sugama Gautam (lead vocals), Niraj Shakya (tungna), Sudhir Acharya(madal, dhime, nagara, murchunga), Birat Basnet  (madal, dhime, nagara, murchunga, tungna), Shiva Kumar Khatripaluwa (leaf) and other members supporting the two lead vocalists with back vocals. Their music carries the stories of sorrows, plight, struggles and glories of locals from different sections and regions of society. The band aims to reintroduce about-to-extinct traditional instruments and folk tunes to the modern generation.

2. Namlo

Namlo Image
Image Source – Namlo

Namlo is a Nepalese fusion band based in London, committed to raising the profile of Nepalese music in the global scene. The band is made up of eight members with Ganga Thapa(singer/songwriter), Robyn Hemming(Double Bass), Shreya Rai(Singer), Siemi Di(Percussion), Sanoj Thapa (Nepalese Percussion), Bishwo Shahi (Guitar/Music Producer) and Rachel and Becky on Flute.

Namlo’s music is a unique blend of beautiful melodies and irresistible rhythms inspired by the diverse folk traditions, cultures and landscapes of Nepal. The band fuses indigenous Nepalese folk with a range of global influences played by a versatile group of fine musicians. Namlo brings together cross-cultural rhythms from West Africa to Latin America. The blend of Congolese drums, Indian tabla, Nepalese bamboo flutes, Latin American guitar riffs with gorgeous soaring vocals gives the flavours of every distinct culture worldwide. The band brings homeland its poetic lyrics and melodies inspired by Himalayan foothills and mountains. The band aims to bring its collective experiences with various global musicians to make Nepalese music more accessible in the present time.

3. Baaja

Baaja Image
Image Source – My Republica

Baaja band is an eccentric trio of three musicians namely Kishan Shrestha, Ashesh Rai and Adishree Dhungana(Addy) based in Kathmandu. Kishan Shrestha on mandolin and vocals, Addy on guitar and vocals, Ashesh Rai on guitar, tabla, mandolin, percussions, marimba create a flawless musical work.  The band was formed when three friends Kishan, Ashesh and Parbat Limbu(former member) met during their college days back in 2012.

We can say the name of the band was meant to be “Baaja” as three of the band members loved exploring any new peculiar instruments. The unique blend of folk instruments like sarangi, tabla, flute, mandolin etc adds more richness to the melodies. You can find a heavy influence of eastern dialect and tunes in their music and songwriting as all three members hailed from the eastern part of Nepal. The band isn’t limited to at least one genre. The band has been more explorative on other genres like indie and electronic music to learn the variation in music. It is evident from the music they make today with collaboration with another experimental indie band like phosphenes.

4. Phosphenes

Phosphenes Image
Image Source – Smack Media

Phosphenes is an experimental band from Kathmandu, Nepal. In the initial days the band had four members; Prajwal Aryal and Abhishek Pokhrel on vocal and guitar, Aman Karna on guitar and electronics and Supriya Moktan on keyboards(former band member).

The band members don’t define their music into any specific genre as they think the term ‘Indie’ is too broad to describe the band. They are continually exploring, learning and playing with different genres, themes and fusions. The band came to origination when two high school friends Prajwal and Abhishek decided to form a band whereas other members eventually joined in in later years. The Band’s eerie sound gives off the vibe of indie rock, dream pop, electronic, ambient and psychedelic fusion. The majority of their songs feature tranquil guitar melodies combined with gentle piano and electronic transitions.

5. Gauley Bhai

Gauley Bhai Image
Image Source – Nepali Times

Gauley Bhai is a Bangalore-based band of four very talented musicians formed in 2017.The Band has Veecheet Dhakal on vocals and violin, Anudwatt Dhakal on bass guitar, Siddhant Chhetri on guitar and Joe  Panicker on drums. All the three members except for joe are from Kalimpong, the northeast part of India whereas joe is from Kerala.

Their music is influenced by Nepali folk, rock, blues, fusion and modern styles of hip-hop. The intersectionality of geographies and musical roots hold the essence of their music. The band’s songs are distinctly in Nepali. Their songs are about the spaces they live personal, social to political. Most of their songs represent the urban reality of migration, plight, stories and belonging of the Nepali diaspora in India. Their melodies have a heavy inkling of homeland roots that portrays the richness of Nepali musical culture.  The band stands above the rest of the country’s indie musicians because they had the confidence to sing in their own language than bow down to standard.

6. Kanta Dab Dab


Kanta Dab Dab Image
Image Source – KANTA dAb dAb

In the list of Underrated Bands From Nepal, this three trio band of versatile musicians from Kathmandu was formed in 2016. Although the band is known as a fusion instrumental band cant be defined by a specific genre. Their peculiar music comes from the contrasting fusion of ethnic Newari folk music and classical South Asian with heavy influences of blues, funk, rock, jazz and Latin music.

The musicians happen to be childhood friends and their decade long journey of companionship in person and music clearly shows in their music. Rizu tuladhar on bass, sunit kansakar on sitar and nikhil tuladhhar on drums/percussions performs like a single unit. Their music is a magical blend unique rhythm and beats of our local surroundings. Newari music culture they grew up in is the opening inspiration of their music

7. Jaire

Jaire Image
Image Source – Online Khabar

Jaire is a two-piece math rock/ post-punk band based in Kathmandu that started its musical journey in 2017. The band comprises Mannu shahi on guitar and Birat basnet on percussion/drum. Shahi is a flawless guitarist who plays her guitar with ease backed by basnet’s marvellous percussion skills. Both sharing similar ideologies on music; their skills syncs perfectly together to create peculiar but intoxicating tunes.

After the dismantling of their former progressive punk band, the duo shahi and basnet became Jaire. Being both animal lovers, they have also composed music related to animal rights issues and injustice.  They say that they make music for themselves; the music they are passionate about, something they can call theirs. They are different both musically and philosophically. They love exploring other genres enabling them to add more variations to their music.

8. Pahenlo Batti Muni

Pahenlo Batti Muni Image
Image Source – Poon Diaries

It is a Kathmandu based experimental rock band formed in October 2015. Currently, the four-member band has Rochak Dahal(guitars/vocal), Pravesh Thapa Magar (guitars), Lav and Kush Jung KC on drums and bass respectively. Though the base genre of the band is rock, they aren’t genre bound. Their music is inspired by Nepali folk, alternative, grunge, progressive to metal.

The band tries to make the sense of the world around and within themselves through their music and songwriting. Their music is the blend of their emotions and lived experiences woven with realistic and meaningful lyrics. Rochak Dahal who also is a poet writes the lyrics to their song. The band’s intention was never to make it big in the mainstream market as per the trend but to make music they love playing and put it out there for listeners. The band’s name derives from the experience, when daily power cuts had become the forced way of life, Rochak Dahal and Pravesh Thapa Magar jammed under the candle’s yellow light in the band’s initial stage.

9. Jhilkey And The Company

jhilkeyandthecompany Image
Image Source – Jhilkey And The Company

Jhilkey and the company aka JatC is a rock band from Kathmandu. The band has been active in the music scene since 2019. The idea behind the band’s formation was of the frontman Steve Dewan. Currently, the band is a quartet of Bishal hang rai on bass and back vocalist who is also a manager of the band, Dipson Narsingh Kc on drums, Siddhartha Upreti is on keyboards, is also a multi-instrumentalist, Steve dewan on lead guitarist and vocals who also does the lyrics writing.

The band has adopted the DIY ethic that stands for anti consumeristic punk culture. Though the band is understood as a punk band by many, The band itself isn’t confined to a specific genre but believes in giving continuity to non-commercial genres of music. The band’s music is marked by the stylistic fuse of punk, alternative rock and ska. The band takes its inspiration from proto-punk legends like The Stooges and MC5. The band makes music contrary to the existing trend in the music scene. Their music is a merge of raw lyrics derived from their personal experiences of the contemporary issues with all analog, cranky hard-hitting music.

10. Space

Space Image
Image Source – Space

Space is a  five-member Kathmandu based band formed in June 2016. The band is comprised of Ritavrat Joshi on bass, Bikee Bajra on drums, Nikita Shrestha on vocals, both  Riken Mahajan and Rojib shahi on guitars. The band primarily describes their genre as experimental rock but is not limited to only one genre. They derive their influences from post-rock, alternative rock, progressive rock. Their music is a unique blend of soothing vocals accompanied by crisp guitar riffs and fitting drum beats.

The band with their original music has garnered a loyal following and has made a distinct space in the Nepali music scene. The band has successfully made its name in Nepali music with their original sounds and collaboration with various musicians from Nepal and abroad.

So these were the list of some underrated bands from Nepal. Make sure to give these bands a listen and feel free to share your thoughts about the blog in the comment below.

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