Opening Price Range of Mandakini Hydropower

opening price range

What is Opening Price Range of Mandakini Hydropower?

The opening price range of Mandakini Hydropower is between Rs. 102 – Rs 306. This opening price range is determined as per the financial report of fiscal year 2077/87. The financial report is taken into consideration while determining the opening price range of any company.

Financial Report of Mandakini Hydropower

About the IPO Issue

Mandakini Hydropower Company Limited (MAHCL) has issued 11,76,073 units of Rs 100 face value of total worth Rs. 11.76 crore as Initial Public Offering to the general public from 9th – 12th Shrawan, 2079. Out of 11,76,073 units; 2% (i.e. 23,521 units) have been set aside for the employees of the company and 5% (i.e. 58,803 units) have been set aside for the mutual funds. The remaining 10,93,749 units are distributed to the general public. After the issuence, the paid up capital of the company will reach to Rs. 58.80 Crores. 10% of total capital is already issued to the project-affected locals of Kaski District. The promoter – public share ratio will be 70 : 30 after this IPO.

What is Opening Price Range?

Opening price range is range of price that is determined by the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) for newly listed company for the first transaction. The special pre-open session is opened at the 10:30 AM – 10:45 AM during trading days. The Trading days in Nepal is from Sunday to Friday. After the first transaction in special pre-open session,the regular trading will start in the continuous session i.e 11 AM – 3 PM.

Note : If there will not be first transaction of stock in the special pre-open session in the given price range, then there will be no transaction of such stock in the continuous session.

How to Know Opening Price Range?

The opening price range of any new IPO is determined by the NEPSE as per the net worth per share. The net worth per share is taken from the audited financial report of company. If net worth per share is Rs. 120, then the opening price range will be between Rs. 120 to Rs. 360.

Buyer can place order between these range and if any seller sells in the asked price the the rest of the transaction will be traded as per the first transaction.

Suppose if opening price range is Rs. 120 to Rs. 360 and buyer place the buy order as rs. 120 and a seller agree to sell on this price. Then the trading will start from Rs. 120.

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