opening price range

Opening Price Range of Recent IPOs (Bhadra Month) in Nepal

What is Opening Price Range of Bhagawati Hydropower Development? The opening price range of Bhagawati Hydropower is from Rs.120.41 to Rs. 361.23. The opening price range is determined based on the financial... Read more »
essay on globla warming

Essay on Global Warming 600+ Words

Essay on Global Warming Introduction: Global warming, also known as climate change, has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. It refers to the long-term increase in Earth’s average... Read more »
Essay on junk food

Essay on Junk Food | 400, 500, 600+ Words

Junk food as the name suggests is the foodstuff that doesn’t have much nutritional value. Learn more in this essay on junk food. Essay on Junk Food Junk Food is food substances... Read more »
Essay on Bengal Tiger

Essay on Bengal Tiger | 400, 500, 600+ Words

Tigers are one of the species that are the most well-known throughout the world. Learn more in this Essay on Bengal Tiger. Essay on Bengal Tiger The Bengal Tiger is the largest... Read more »
Essay on Nyatapola

Essay on Nyatapola | 400, 500, 600+ Words

Nyatapola is one of the most recognizable temples of Nepal. Learn more in this Essay on Nyatapola. Essay on Nyatapola The Nyatapola is a five-storied pagoda-styled temple and the tallest standing temple... Read more »
Essay on Pashupatinath Temple

Essay on Pashupatinath Temple | 400, 500, 600+ Words

There are many sites that show the rich culture and history of religion. Learn more in this Essay on Pashupatinath temple. Essay on Pashupatinath Temple The Pashupatinath Temple is one of the... Read more »
essay on changu narayan temple

Essay on Changu Narayan Temple | 400, 500, 600+ Words

There are many historical places in Nepal that show the history and culture surrounding that place. Learn more in this Essay on Changu Narayan Temple. Essay on Changu Narayan Temple Nepal is... Read more »
Essay on Lumbini

Essay on Lumbini | 400, 500, 600+ Words

There are many places in the world that signify the importance and values of the people in the world. One such site is Lumbini. It is home to many ancient temples, architecture,... Read more »
Essay on One horned rhino

Essay On One Horned Rhino | 400, 500, 600+ Words

Many species of animals inhabit our planet, including both terrestrial and aquatic creatures, each with unique characteristics that distinguish them from one other. One such species is the greater one-horned rhino, also... Read more »
Essay on Bisket Jatra

Essay On Bisket Jatra | 400, 500, 600+ Words

Festivals are important to any nation as it reflects and preserves the country’s lifestyle and culture. This holds the same for Nepal. Out of the many festivals celebrated in Nepal, Bisket Jatra... Read more »