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The announcement of the SEE Results for 2079 is approaching. SEE is a critical stage in a student’s life. It serves as a stepping stone to the future. If you took your SEE and are unsure how to check your results, here is How to Check SEE Result 2079.

The National Examination Board administers the Secondary Education Examination. The SEE exam is the final test offered in Nepal’s secondary school system. The National Examination Board examines the SEE results. SEE was earlier abbreviated as SLC [School Leaving Certificate]. The ordinary folk referred to it as “The Iron Gate.”

How to Check SEE Result

There are three ways to check for your results. View your findings as you proceed.

1. SMS Method

Launch the Messaging App. Create a new message and fill it out as follows:
SEE <symbol no>

Send the message to 1600.

how to check see result

You may check your GPA and see if you passed using this way. But with this method mark sheets are not provided. You must carry out the second step in order to view your complete mark sheet with grades.

SEE Exam Result With Marksheet through Sparrow SMS

Sparrow SMS has been given permission to release the Secondary Education Examination SEE 2079 results. Send an SMS with the SEE Symbol number to the number 35001 to access the SEE test results through Sparrow SMS.

  • Go to your mobile message box and compose a new message.
  • type SEE <Symbol No> Send to 35001.

2. Online Method

Any web browser on your phone or laptop will work. Navigate to the following address:

Please keep in mind that the following link will only be available after the results have been released.

Simply input your symbol number and date of birth into the website to view your grade sheet. You may now see the results of your SEE. You may also access your grade sheets online.


Official websites may not function properly following the publication of SEE results due to high traffic and a large number of people wishing to view the results at the same time. Students may also examine their results at

3. IVR Method

Class 10 SEE results are also available through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). For a single call it will be billed at 2 rupees per minute. Dial 1600 on your Namaste sim or landline and follow the instructions to check your results through IVR.

Students must contact the number provided below to acquire the mark sheet. Follow the operator’s instructions to the letter. The NEB 10th result will be announced over the phone, along with subject-specific marks. The phone no to call is 1600.

Result Publishing Date

Because there are no fixed release dates for SEE Results, you can only guess. The SEE results are expected between the end of July and the beginning of August. Your grade sheets may also be downloaded and printed. Learn when the results will be released and how to check SEE results on the website with How to check SEE result 2079.

More About SEE

According to the new Education Act, all pupils must pass SEE in order to complete the 10th grade. So SEE is a required test if you want to continue your education. Every year, the SEE exam is held in March. As a result of the new Education Act of 2016 (2073), grade 12 students will take the SLC exam, a national-level test, while Grade 10 students will take the Secondary Education Examination (S.E.E). This new format was introduced in 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Takes SEE in Nepal?
In Nepal’s secondary school system, SEE is the final examination. SEE results are looked over by the National Examination Board.

2. What to do after SEE?
College applications are in full motion after your SEE results. For your +2, which will cover your last years of high school, several universities will be open for you to apply to and study at. You will spend two years in your +2 studying.

3. When did SLC exam system start in Nepal?
SLC was introduced in 1934 AD in Durbar High School. The exam was run by the Rana regime.

4. What happened to SLC? Is it completely gone?
No, SEE took the place of SLC ( secondary education examination). You must still show up for your SLC exams, which are given in grade 12.

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