Hiking Places In Kathmandu | 5 Places For A Day Hike

best hiking places in kathmandu

Best Hiking Places In Kathmandu

The Kathmandu Valley is the center of the country, with so much going on there daily. However, the hustle and bustle of the city can be overwhelming at times. If you’re looking for a one-day break from the city’s dust and noise, hiking is a great way to escape and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding hills. Below are the best hiking places in Kathmandu.

1. Jamacho

jamacho gumba

Jamacho Hike is a famous hiking place in Kathmandu for many people. This 4- to 5-hour hiking place is nestled within Shivapuri National Park. The trek takes you through dense forests, leading to a beautiful Buddhist shrine atop Jamacho Hill. Fulbari Gate marks the starting point of your Jamacho Gumba Hike. At the end of the hike, you will be greeted with a beautiful view of the Kathmandu Valley. Don’t worry, there are small shops at the top of the hill too where you can buy snacks like sel roti and chatmate.

To start your adventure, catch a bus to Machhapokhari or Balaju Baies Dhara. From there, another bus ride will take you to Fulbari Gate. This hike can also be done on your motorcycle or scooter, although it won’t be much of a hike after that. It is without a doubt one of the best hiking places in Kathmandu.

You should also be charged around NRP 100 per person (subject to change or higher for foreign nationals) for entry into the national park premises. Your baggage may be checked for contraband too!

2. Champadevi

champadevi hiking

Champadevi is the third-highest hill station near Kathmandu. It is a famous and beautiful hiking trail that lies in the valley. The length of the hike depends on which route you go through. There are three routes:

Pharphing Bazaar (6.5 km), Taudha (4. 5km), Bansbari (5km). Although the routes may look short, the hike is uphill; you cannot underestimate it. The hike should take you anywhere from 5-7 hours, depending on your speed.

The place does not have an entry fee, so enjoy your perfect gateway to recharge yourself. The place also has many resorts you can stay overnight in. It’s one of the best hiking places in Kathmandu.

3. Jagdol

tarebhir hike

This hike is also known as the Tarebhir Hike. It’s moderately easy to hike, with only a few places having steep terrain. It’s a smooth hike up until you reach your final destination. Hiking here should take you no less than 3–4 hours. No entry fee is required. Like all places for hiking and trekking, avoid going to the place during peak rainy seasons. There are also many resorts there where you can unwind and stay overnight. As for other activities, people can even sleep in tents and do other fun activities like cycling and rock climbing.

4. Shivapuri, Sundarijal

sundarijal hiking

Sundarijal Hiking is a 1-2 hour-long hiking trail for beginners. The hiking trail is right beside a small river or stream, straight uphill. The hike shouldn’t be very difficult, as it is mostly stairs. On the way, not long after the hike starts, you can also find a small Shiva temple. Your hike ends when you meet a fork, where the roads will lead you to many other areas. You’ll also find a dam along the way. After walking for almost 1.6 km, you’ll climb up the stairs to the Sundarijal reservoir, where you can see the dam.

Take a bus to Sundarijal from the Ratnapark bus stop. The earlier you leave, the better. After you reach the Naya Pati Bus Stop, your hike begins. Stock up on anything if you are here.

Also, be careful, as plastic products are prohibited in the national park area.

5. Chisapani


This is for the people who think Sundarijal hiking is easy! Chisapani Hike is a moderate-difficult hiking trail in Kathmandu. Your trek starts when you get your permits for the national park area.

The trail ascends steeply through the Nepali countryside, passing through thatch-roofed homes and a blend of ethnic groups. After a rest in Mulkharka, the trail transitions into a narrow single track, offering stunning views of the surrounding hills and Kathmandu Valley. From Burlang Bhanjyang, it’s a 300-meter descent to Chisapani, offering lodging options and a small pond.

The best season for hiking is autumn. It’s peak season, so book accommodations in advance.

Above is a list of the 5 best hiking places in Kathmandu. Remember that there are many other beautiful hiking places in the valley too. Please make sure that you never litter in these public areas! Always carry a separate bag with you to carry your waste. Happy Hiking!

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