Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in Nepal in 2081 (2024)

fixed deposit interest rates in Nepal

Commercial Banks in Nepal have published the Fixed Deposit Interest Rate in Nepal for the month of Ashad, 2081. The Commercial Banks have increased the rate by some point from the previous months. Following table shows the latest fixed deposit interest rates provided by the commercial banks in Nepal for different product schemes. The following interest rates will be effective from 1st Ashad 2080.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate for Ashad Month 2081

What is Fixed Deposit?

Fixed Deposit lets you invest your money with the certainty of a fixed interest rate by accepting certain terms and condition. Anyone looking for a low- risk investment with a predefined investment goal can chose the fixed deposit option for saving money.

Comparatively fixed deposit offers high amount of interest rate than other saving schemes. Money kept in the fixed deposit can not be withdrawn for certain period of time.

Why Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Matters?

Fixed Deposit interest rate impacts in the overall economic sector. Higher fixed deposit interest rate attracts more depositors to save the money in the bank. Low risk taker people would rather save money in the bank than putting in the investment instruments such as stocks, mutual funds and debenture. So, when banks and financial institution raise the interest rate low risk bearer investors shift towards bank saving which impact in the stock market.

Which Bank Provides the Highest FD Interest Rate in Nepal?

The interest rate in Nepal is same for most of the bank, i.e. 10.90 % is the highest interest rate provided in Nepal by most of the banks. Check out the highest interest rate provider in the above table.

Interest Rate link

Please visit the individual bank’s official link to learn more about interest rate details

  1. Sanima Bank – Interest Rate Details
  2. Prime Commercial Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  3. NMB Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  4. Nabil Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  5. Kumari Bank Bank – Interest Rate Details
  6. Rastriya Banijya Bank – Interest Rate Details
  7. Siddhartha Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  8. Nepal Investment Mega Bank – Interest Rate Details
  9. Machhapuchhre Bank – Interest Rate Details
  10. Everest Bank – Interest Rate Details
  11. Agriculture Development Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  12. NIC Asia – Interest Rate Details
  13. Nepal SBI Bank –  Interest Rate Details 
  14. Himalayan Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  15. Prabhu Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  16. Kumari Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  17. Nepal Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  18. Citizens Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  19. Standard Chartered – Interest Rate Details

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