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Essay on Fathers Day

There are many things important and dear to us. Our parents are the ones who gave us birth and raised us. They carry their duties and are responsible for our proper growth and health. A father is an important person in every family. As a child, fathers are the people who we look up to the most and want to become like them. They are our superheroes who work diligently day and night just to keep their family happy and safe.

Fathers are a strong pillar to every family. Fathers mostly take responsibility for economic affairs in a household too. Fathers are superheroes and we should try to become good parents in the future too.

In Nepal, we celebrate fathers day every year between the month of August – September according to the phases of the moon. “Father” word is known as “Pita or Babu” which translates to the protector or a guru. Fathers are our protectors, teachers, and role model. It is a one-day event that is especially for honoring the hard work and love they have done for us. It is also known as “Babu ko Mukh Herne din” which means to look at someone’s face.

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On the day of the celebration, children wake up and then head over to their father’s room. They begin their day by looking at their father’s face and then bow to them. Generally, this day is for fathers to rest and enjoy whatever their children have to bring to them. It is a custom for families to put together foods and tasty dinner party in and serve it to their fathers. They take the day off and enjoy talking and eating.

Handmade cards and accessories made by their children are given to him. Other gifts such as pens, cakes, other foodstuffs, purses, etc are also given. Celebrating father’s day has no specific custom or ritual that needs to be followed. It is just a day to show how much their children love their father. Gift hamper, food, vacation offers are also seen from shop to shop to celebrate Father’s day. But the true essence of fathers day is not to give them expensive gifts but to show them love and respect. Materialistic gifts will do nothing in the long run

People in Kathmandu valley visit Gokarna to do the Sraddha or Pinda Daan to their deceased father and a few do Shradha at domestic or at the near river or any holy region nearby. It is a custom people whose father have passed away do. Father’s Day in Nepal is a huge celebration full of joy and respect. It is one of the biggest celebrations done all over Nepal.

A father’s role in our lives cannot be explained in words. And on this day we come together to show them the love for what they have done to us. In this busy world, this is a day we should really be spending with our parents. In a normal family, a father is mainly responsible for the livelihood of the family.

It is not just on father’s day that we should be spending our time with our father and mother. We should wake up every morning with gratitude, respect, and love towards our father for providing us the life that we are living. He protects us from the bad, gives us security, fulfills our needs, and guides us towards what he thinks is best for us. We must appreciate their presence every time as long as they are with us. Parents are the people who will be happy even if their children succeed more than them in life. They were the backbone of our upbringing and we must take care of them in the future.

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