Essay on Rakshya Bandhan | Paragraph on Rakshya Bandhan 500+ Words

Essay on Rakshya Bandhan

People have various ways of celebrating and observing festivals. The Festival itself has different meanings as all festivals are not celebrated for the same reason. Out of many such, there are festivals that celebrate and strengthens the bond between siblings. Bhai Tika and Rakshya Bandhan are one of them.

Rakshya Bandhan or Rakhi is a Hindu festival celebrated by most Indian and Nepali people. It is one of the important festivals brothers and sisters alike wait for. It falls in August with no specific date as it follows the traditional Hindu calendar. It is combined with two words ‘Raksha’ meaning protection and ‘Bandhan’ which translates to bond. It is a bond between siblings.

Rakshya Bandhan is similar to Bhai Tika tradition followed in Nepal but instead of a Saptaringi Tika (7 color tika) on a forehead sisters tie a ‘rakhi’ a sacred thread on their brother’s wrist followed by a red tika too. Flowers and sweets accompany the ceremony. This is done with good intent wishing for their brother’s prosperous and healthy life.

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Sisters too are not left empty-handed as they receive blessings, gifts such as chocolates, money, dresses, etc. It is a day of their pampering and they are kept happy by providing gifts. Being put on Rakhi by a sister to a brother is also a symbol of protection and an oath from the brother to protect his sister and take care of her all of their lives.

Siblings are an important part of one’s life. They are one’s moral support, their best friend, and carry a special place in their heart. However fights might break between them, how much they might hate each other, it is just temporary. Particularly, a bond between brothers and sisters is very unique. The care they have for each other knows no bounds and love between them is unshakeable. One of the purest and genuine friendships to exist is of a brother and a sister. They have and will always support each other no matter what. Such compassion and care for each other are strengthened by Rakshya Bandhan.

Streets and shops are already busy before the day of Rakshya Bandhan. We can see markets flooded with colorful rakhis and gift hampers. Buying a fashionable rakhi is all the trend and women are busy shopping for rakhis while brothers and men are hurrying around searching for perfect gifts. On the day of Rakhi, most of the family members dress up in ethnic wear. After the official ceremony people enjoy their day eating, socializing, and even dancing or singing. It is a joyous day for everyone present.

But another beautiful thing about Raksha Bandhan is there are no limits. People of any age can take part and the tradition and a blood relation are not needed. It is an emotion of goodwill towards one’s siblings. Social evils such as the idea of sending extravagant gifts beyond one’s limits, the competition, etc are bad. This is a festival of goodwill and bond between siblings and materialistic gifts do not convey real feelings of love and care. To conclude, Rakshya Bandhan is a very heartwarming and wholesome festival that strengthens bonds between sisters and brothers.

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