Essay on My Country Nepal | 700+ Words

Essay on My Country Nepal

Essay on My Country Nepal | Paragraph Writing 600+ Words

My country is the land of diversity and is very unique. My country Nepal lies in the Southern part of Asia. It is surrounded by two powerful countries India and China and is landlocked. It has an area of about 147,516 sq. kilometers. Although small, my country is diverse both in terms of geography and culture. It is like a beautiful garden with many people from different backgrounds. It is a country with a variety of castes and cultures.

Nepal’s flag is also the most unique to the world. Our country’s flag stands out among the rest due to its shape. The colors and symbols of our flag also represent the country’s peace-loving and friendly nature, bravery, and immortal history.

In my country Nepal, we can find places with altitudes ranging from as low as 70 meters to the highest peak in the world 8848 meters. It is divided into 3 regions Terai, Pahad, and Himal with the temperature of the place varying from hot to cold. Each region has its own specialty. Nepal’s Himalayan regions have high and mighty mountain ranges that are breathtaking to look at. Out of the world’s top 10 highest peaks, 8 of them fall in my country Nepal.

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The Hilly region is full of green hills and a very cool temperature to live in. It has many historical and religious places. Terai too is mostly a flat stretch of land with fertile soil. It is the granary of Nepal where most crops are grown. It is also an industrial region of our country.

The flora and fauna of my country are also very diverse. The difference in altitudes makes our country have various ecosystems. Foreigners from all over the world pay thousands of dollars just to see our country’s reach of flora and fauna, rivers, lakes, cliffs, waterfalls, snowcapped mountains, and many other beautiful landscapes. The natural beauty of my country Nepal is difficult to find in other places.

Our country also has sites of great religious and historical importance where thousands of pilgrims visit every year. Places like Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Lumbini, Swyambunath, etc are very popular. It is already a pride to have come from such a country.

Essay on My Country Nepal

Our country also ranks in the top 5 for water resources. For such a small country to have rich water resources it is a boon. If fully utilized we can provide electricity to other countries too. Important personalities like King Janak, Gautam Buddha, Arniko, Bhrikuti were also born in Nepal. They all carry historical and religious importance even up to date. Our country’s warriors and commanders are still known today for their bravery and courage. It is also the reason our country never has to celebrate independence day as we never were colonized.

Nepal is also blessed with people of different backgrounds and ethnicity. In the past, many people had migrated to Nepal and settled here and hence the diversity. My country Nepal is also secular and respects all religions equally despite the numbers. There are 126 castes in Nepal and behind them, every culture has its significance. Each culture has its unique festivals and traditions. People also celebrate each other’s festivals with great fun. Nepali people are known for their hospitality and friendliness too.

But even after nature blessing our country, we have not been able to fully utilize it. Problems such as corruption and political instability run deep in the country. Our natural resources are not being taken care of properly and our country is being poor day by day. People are rich but the country is poor. Poverty is also seen in our country. Lack of proper management of wastes has also polluted our water and slowly destroying our forests. This also means our plants and animals are slowly being extinct. Illegal hunting and farming of precious animals and plants are also ruining our ecosystem.

This is why to save our country from further danger and poverty proper management and a responsible leader are required. The citizens of our country should also feel responsible for the country and not only blame the leaders. Proper plans and policies should be required to protect our resources. Social evils such as discrimination should also be tackled. Conservative-minded people should be given awareness and strict punishments for corruption and other illegal acts should be given. Employment opportunities should also be created as many people are leaving the country for jobs abroad.

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