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Essay on Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. The beauty and glory of Mount Everest cannot be contained in just simple words. Read more about the mountain peak below:

Essay on Mount Everest

There are various landmarks on Earth. Many are results of natural events and occurrences that happen between extended periods of time. Such landforms create a unique environment and places that pique the interest of many. Out of many natural landmarks, mountains are one of them. Mountains rise higher than their surroundings, they are elevated to higher altitudes by means of natural forces long ago. Many mountains are present on Earth and out of the many beautiful snow-capped or stone-plated mountains, the highest one of them all is Mount Everest.

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the Himalayas of Nepal. It stands at about 8848 meters from sea level. It is located above the death zone on the Nepal-China border. It was named after Sir. George Everest, a surveyor back in the 19th century early time. It is also called by the name “Chomolungma” which translates to the mother goddess of the universe. The locals of Nepal refer to it as “Sagarmatha”. Sagarmatha means forehead in the sky implying it to be the highest point to touch the sky. Nepalese Historian Baburam Acharya named it so.

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Mountains are snow capped due to their cold environment where water turns into snowflakes. In the colder months like January, the temperature drops to below -55 degrees Celsius whereas in the month of July, the temperature in the area rises roughly to -10°F (-23°C). Mount Everest also has a lot of glaciers. Glaciers are large bodies of crystalline ice, rocks, and water. Glacier waters are considered pure for consumption too.

The Himalayan mountains house many indigenous groups of the country. Sherpa people are the most famous and renowned group due to the name having different meanings for mountaineering. The main attraction of Mount Everest isn’t snow or glacier lakes. The main reason people come to the peak of the world is for climbing it. People spend a lot of money for conquering the highest peak of the world. And for this very reason, climbers who want to scale mount Everest need help from the Sherpas. Sherpas are accustomed to the low oxygen levels and they act as navigators, porters, and guides for climbing the peak.

Edmund Hillary (a New Zealand mountaineer) and his Nepalese guide Tenzing Norgay were the first persons to summit Everest. They first ascended the peak in 1953.

It is without a doubt that trying to climb Mount Everest comes with high risk. Climbing the highest peak has become a popular expedition for mountain climbing enthusiasts but is a very dangerous undertaking. Climbing Everest takes a lot of experience, strength, and willpower. Every year many lose their lives in hopes of getting to the top of the peak. Blizzards, storms, cold temperatures, avalanches, glacier lake outbursts, and most importantly altitude sickness are some fear factors to take into consideration. Nevertheless, to stand at peak of the world is really a proud achievement.

The majestic mountain has become one of the main reasons for its popularity in the Nepalese tourism industry. Not all tourists come to climb mountains. Many people come for viewing the natural scenery of other peaks, rivers, farmlands, and temples. The area also consists of Sagarmatha National Park which has temperate vegetation, and its own set of diverse flora and faunas. Snow leopards, red pandas, etc are famous animals around these regions. The place has turned into a hub for all nature and Tibetian local produce enthusiasts.

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Introduction of tourism to any place does well. It invites foreign currency, uplifts the standard of the locals and their livelihood. But it also comes with its own set of disadvantages. Since the number of people on the mountain has grown, so has the amount of pollution at the peak, as climbers frequently throw undesirable goods all over the mountain. Many tourists have also exploited the people, spreading western culture and disturbing their traditional way of life. Being a Sherpa Guide is a very dangerous profession, with low pay.

People can be blinded by the glory that standing on top of the world and look over the fact that many people have lost their lives on the mountain. A dark truth is that their bodies have to be left on the cold mountain as they cannot descend the body down.

To conclude, Mount Everest is a land form that is the highest peak to be around. A landmark that almost all Nepalese can proudly represent themselves as. Due to the massive traffic of people in these regions, traditional ways can be disturbed, lands polluted and flora fauna disturbed. The government should make proper rules and policies, promote such land forms, keep these areas safe from pollution, protect the flora fauna, and traditions.

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