Essay on Importance of Personal Hygiene | Paragraph on Personal Hygiene

Essay on Importance of Personal Hygiene

Essay on Importance of Personal Hygiene

Health and hygiene go hand in hand at all times. Health is the state of well being and hygiene is the practice one does to keep things healthy and clean. To stay healthy one must stay clean or else it invites germs and virus which makes us sick. This is why personal hygiene is necessary. Personal hygiene is the practice of keeping your body clean and healthy. It is a healthy practice that maintains cleanliness and a good personal appearance.

Personal hygiene is a topic that is taught from smaller classes to kids for a very long time. Even now, it has become more important to take care of one’s health and hygiene. Global problems like rising population, pollution, and emission of harmful gases have made it mandatory for everyone to maintain proper health. At the present age, it is easy to fall sick to small problems.

A person’s physical fitness helps them stay energetic and strong. Personal hygiene is not only limited to physical appearances. It is also a state of mental well-being. Health is the general well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally. If a person is positive in all such aspects they have well-maintained personal hygiene. It is a balance between other parts of the mind and body. There are various practices we should follow to be fit. This includes mental well-being, eating of proper diet and nutrition, physical fitness, and cleanliness of oneself and their surroundings.

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A balanced and nutritious diet is essential for anyone. A well-balanced meal has all the necessary nutrients to go through the day and stay healthy. They also help build the body and become stronger. Vegetables, milk, eggs, fruits, lentils, and meat are considered great sources of nutrients. Unhealthy foods have bad effects on the body such as mental and physical weakness. Without a proper diet, a body is more prone to diseases, infection, and poor performance. In early childhood too, lack of proper diet will have negative effects on children. They can face developmental problems, prone to infections, and have bad academic performance.

Body cleanliness is also an important part of maintaining personal hygiene. Our bodies produce sweat, oil, and other substances that we must clean. This is why we must frequently wash our hands properly. We must also take showers and clean every inch of our body properly to get rid of germs and dirt. Being clean helps us stay away from diseases and become physically appealing. Other such acts of personal hygiene include cutting nails, trimming hair, brushing teeth, wearing fresh clothes, etc.

Clean drinking water is also essential for our bodies. It helps us stay hydrated. It also helps remove toxic substances from our bodies and maintain the functions of our organs. Impure water has many bacteria and viruses which can make us prone to diseases. Boiling water or adding purifying chemicals helps get rid of the viruses.

Not only should our body be clean, but our environment also should too. We are the result of what surrounds us. If we are brought up in a clean environment our mental and physical state is cleaner. We feel positive too. If we live in a dirty environment however clean we may be, we are prone to diseases and psychologically very ill. It demotivates us and makes us feel unhealthy. Mental health is also very important. Without proper mental health, it is difficult to find motivation and gather the courage to work in life. Physical exercise not only helps us stay fit physically but mentally too.

Doing recreational activities, meditating, socializing with others is also a great way to strengthen mental health. this way we can be fit not only mentally but physically too. This is real personal hygiene.

One of the main reasons for diseases is the lack of proper management of sewage systems. It can house diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and dengue. Improper management of waste materials, open defecation, lack of trees, etc are some problems that prevent us from staying healthy. Proper management of such should be done to prevent any outbreak of diseases. We should conduct afforestation and cleanliness campaigns. The government should also implement policies and plans for a safe place for people to live in. In conclusion, our health is our wealth. Good personal health is very important for personal well-being.

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