Essay on Importance of English language 800+ Words

Essay on Importance of English language

Essay on Importance of English language

We as humans have gone through various evolutionary changes through the passage of time. As science suggests, a monkey to a caveman to slowly a human who could do complex tasks. We have all come a long way to live what we are today. We are social animals that grow together and need each other’s support. A major role that has played in growing society and being supported is communication. Communication has helped relay a message from a person to another. It has helped make allies, seek support, share ideas and propositions and develop.

The earth is a huge place for us to live in. Everybody has come from their own backgrounds and history. They have their own cultures, ways of living, and traditions. Since they lived in their own community, they used to communicate frequently. This case is the same for everybody but the medium of communication being different from place to place. Such medium is known as language. Without language, a person cannot really express themself or expect the person on the receiving end to understand. 

In context to the present times, there are as many as 4500 different languages spoken in the world. The troubles of communicating with people from different communities or languages can be easily imagined. Such difficulty in communication is known as a language barrier. We are in a state of globalization where every second we have goods transferred from a country to another, diplomatic relationships taking place, etc. We’re in a global village and a common language is necessary for talking with people all over.

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The idea of having a common language in which everyone can understand and communicate freely will tear apart the problems of language barriers across people of different communities. For this reason, we consider English as a lingua franca of the world. The English language is very important in the present time. Currently, over 1.6 Billion people all over speak the English language so it is without a doubt a universal language.

We have become a global village, the world has become smaller. It is due to the invention of the internet and its mediums. The internet connects people all over through the mediums that make the transfer of information faster. The rapid growth of information technology, especially in the internet world is governed by the English language. Without knowing a bit about the English language, it is difficult to surf the internet. We can share our views and thoughts with people all over the internet with the use of the English language. English has become a lifeline to communicate with anyone on the internet. Similarly, the English language has various importance in other sectors of our lives.

In the field of education, the English language is important. Those studying abroad use English as their medium of communication and learning. Developed countries use the English language as a means of communication and have easily dominated the use of other languages to study abroad. Even the top educational institutions teach in English. Without English pursuing further education is very difficult. At the international level, all academic interviews and presentations are also conducted in the English language and as a result, are taught at the primary level as it bears great importance in one’s professional life. We can see the primary lead of the English language is all branches of education be it science, literature, commerce, or any technical subject. The use of the English language helps us share our thoughts and ideologies with various people and in return, gain insight into other subjects unknown. It can also help shape our own viewpoints and correct us. A strong foundation is required for higher studies which English provides.

Most of the labels of the items we buy are in the English language. An unknowledgeable person cannot read the instructions written on many items or things we use that way. It is a universal language, used in sectors of transportation be it air, water, or land. On an international level, the English language has become an unavoidable necessity for a variety of areas. Information technology, medicine, etc are all such sectors. A world where all scientists can come together and share their thoughts and ideas will lead to even greater breakthroughs in science. The trade outside the borders of one’s own country is also mostly done through English. In the field of trade and commerce, having command over the English language is a necessity to expand one’s business internationally.

Since English is widely spoken, effective communication in English can strengthen the friendship between countries around the world. It wasn’t a necessity to have command in English a few decades ago. But during the era of trade, the developed countries have placed a huge influence. To take a step into an international level, command over the English language is a must. Learning the English language opens door to many other opportunities worldwide. This is understood by people of many countries and hence English education is emphasized in various different schools. Although one’s mother tongue may hold dear to us, learning another language will help us shape our future better and hopefully become another pillar for the country.

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