Essay on Importance of Discipline in Student Life

Essay on Importance of Discipline in Student Life

Essay on Importance of Discipline in Student Life

There are many features of human beings that differentiate us from other creatures. We have distinct physical and psychological traits. One of the most important traits of a human being is Discipline. It is a characteristic that carries great importance in our life. It is an essential behavior. But even more so, Discipline carries a bigger role in a student’s life. Students are the people who learn various things to achieve goals acquire knowledge and develop professions. Generally, students are considered to be in the younger age group. It is the time of life where one slowly starts to build their future. It is a future building stage where proper guidance would result in a good future and one of the major factors that helps shape a student’s future is discipline.

Discipline is the way of self-righteousness It is the way of honesty, hard work, motivation, and encouragement throughout life. When students learn discipline early in school, it helps shape their life better and have an advantage as they get older. Discipline plays a vital role in shaping the mentality of children too. Discipline teaches students to be attracted to and attract all good and positive things in life. This way a student’s mind does not wander around and is fixated on achieving a set goal. Anyone that is not disciplined cannot keep their mind focused on their work. A disciplined student is well organized and follows a good timetable as they have a larger goal in life.

A disciplined student has a positive attitude and a mindset. This helps students remain calm, composed even in the face of stress and helps him/her to maintain focus and to keep moving on with the problems. A well-disciplined student rarely needs to face stress from school work. They have a set routine and do their work dutifully. A disciplined student has self-control. They have proper control over their social and educational life. They study in time to avoid last-minute exam pressure, submit their reports on time, and moreover do not have to fear about their work. Their mentality remains happy and stress-free.

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A disciplined student tends to learn more in class. They remain focus and listen to the lectures well. This automatically leads to better academic progress. It also helps keep the student remain punctual. They sleep on time, have good rest, have time for entertainment and studies. They are in time for school and other aspects of life. A well-disciplined student is active. They know what is best for them. They follow good habits such as doing exercises, eating nutritious food, following sanitary hygienes.

One of the major problems in students is procrastination. Procrastination is the habit of delaying an important task, it is an unhealthy habit followed usually by focusing on less urgent, more enjoyable, and easier activities instead. This makes studying and concentrating difficult leading to more stress in the future. This is not a problem for a disciplined student. Discipline helps shape a student’s life and modify their bad habits into good.

Other importances of discipline in student’s life not only lie in education. Socially too, people respect well-disciplined students. A well-disciplined student is always respectable and easy to talk to. Discipline removes negative traits such as arrogance too. They are liked by peers and other people alike. A Disciplined student realizes their responsibility in society. Their mind has no time for useless information and abides by the laws. Even if a single student is well mannered and discipline, it sets a good example to others. Most disciplined people turn out to be great leaders and have such confidence. Helping the needy, social services are some good works of a disciplined student.

Being well-disciplined is the path to success in life. However academically forward one maybe, if their behavior is not correct then people will not like them. Winning people’s hearts is an important factor in moving forward. A disciplined person always sets a positive example for others. This is why discipline is very important to be taught and realized early in life.

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