Essay on Dashain Festival | Paragraph on Dashain Festival 800+ Words

Essay on Dashain Festival

Essay on Dashain Festival | Short Paragraph About Dashain

Dashain is the festival of people of the Hindu community. Statistically, people who follow Hinduism take most of the population in Nepal. It is only natural to be the most popular and anticipated festival of the year. But, it isn’t just limited to Hindu people. People following various religions have learned to enjoy and celebrate Dashain be it in their own ways. Dashain is also known as Dasain, Vijaya Dashami, or Dashera (India).

This festival generally falls in Nepali month Aswin ( September ) and lasts for fifteen days. Each day has its own set of rituals and special activities that are to be performed. The festival of Dashain s based on Hindu Mythology. It represents the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon named Mahishasura which had created havoc in Devaloka ( The world where gods lived ). The nine days of Dashain symbolizes the days of battle that took place between them. The tenth day Vijaya Dashami is finally the day where Goddess Durga wins over the demon. It is this victory that is celebrated in Dashain.

Some people also believe this 10th day to be the day where Ram defeated Ravan, recorded in another mythology Ramayana. Although The festival starts from Ghatasthapana and ends on Vijaya Dashami (the tenth day), the festivities continue for a few extra days. The most important days among the fifteen are the first, seventh, eighth, ninth, and fifteenth.

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On the first day of Dashain, Ghatasthapana people sow seeds of Barley, wheat, rice. These seeds grow later and are a part of the ritual. Priests also come together and worship goddess Durga. On the seventh day, Fulpati a special celebration occurs. Priests carry a bronze pot filled with holy water, banana stalks, sugar cane tied in a red cloth under a golden tipped and decorated umbrella. A parade happens on this day where the government officials also join in. The eighth day is known as Mahaasthami.

This day is to please and worship the blood-thirsty Kali which is Goddess Durga’s fiercest manifestation. On this day people sacrifice buffaloes, goats, hens, and ducks in temples all over the country. This sacrifice is also approved by the Government. The meat from the animals after the blood sacrifices is then taken as a blessing. On the ninth day, Vishvakarman the god of creation is worshiped. This day is known as Mahanavami. On this day, precious and other pieces of equipment are offered fowl blood and prayers are done. It is believed that all things that help us survive and sustain should be kept happy. This prayer is also done as well wishes. The most awaited day, Vijaya Dashami falls on the tenth day.

This is the day of joyous occasions all over the country. People wear fresh new clothes, visit neighbors or relatives to exchange well wishes, and wear Tika( mixture of rice, yogurt, and colors) and Jamara (The barley, wheat, or rice seeds sown is harvested on this day). The younger ones receive blessings as they put tika on their foreheads by the elder ones. They get blessings for their bright future, good health, happiness, progress, prosperity, and longevity. Some sum of money is also given out (Dakshina).

People rejoice and unwind on this day. Having a hearty meal, socializing with relatives and friends, playing, and enjoying this day to heart’s content are the highlights of the day. This custom of visiting relatives and friends for tika goes on for a few more days. This festival then finally ends on the 15th day. The last day to bid farewell to Dashain is known as “Kojagrat Poornima”.

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This festival is long-awaited by many. Marketplaces are bustling with people shopping for things to prepare for the festival before the festival. People who work abroad also return to their hometowns on this joyous occasion. Schools, colleges, offices all are closed during this festival. People enjoy various other activities such as flying kites and playing swings. Dashain offers us a chance to strengthen our brotherhood, mutual co-operation, and form good relations with one another.

Dashain is the festival that marks the victory of good over evil. It is only natural that it is to be celebrated in a peaceful manner. But some people also take this festival as a competition to show off. One should not fall for such competition and enjoy it in their own ways however they can. They should be satisfied with whatever they have. People also indulge in anti-social activities such as gambling or drinking alcohol. Such activities are to be done in a responsible way so that no other people get injured or disturbed.

Numerous animals and birds alike are killed mercilessly in the name of culture. These are the dark sides of Dashain. We should realize that killing others for the sake of gods and goddesses will not bring us any prosperity. People have also been protesting about how instead of animal sacrifice we should be offerings fruits and flowers. Understanding how nature is a gift to us will help us slowly eradicate social evils. Evil will never prosper, the victor will always be virtuous is the moral behind the festival.

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