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Essay on Computer

Essay on Computer 

There are many things that have come with time. We people have also evolved from cavemen to now advanced species. We are intelligent beings and we have made and discovered things that were impossible in early times. Science and technology have been improved and developed and have made our lives easier. Out of many scientific devices that we have computers are one of them.

A computer is an electric device that is used for performing complex calculations and conduct multiple tasks at once. It is one of the best inventions of human science. Nowadays such a man-made invention can do things no human man can. It minimizes the time it takes for us to do things and maximizes efficiency. It is used everywhere nowadays. Offices, hospitals, educational institutions, railways, etc all use computers.

The history of computers dates long ago. People used different tools to help solve mathematical calculations. Slowly, the tools became modernized and with the help of science automated. During world war II, computers were used to store data. It was not for the public and for military uses only. They used to store data but were inefficient, slower, and consumed a lot of power. The computer went through a lot of changes and became faster, efficient, and cheaper. This made it easily available for commercial uses.

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The computer has 2 main parts. They are CPU and monitor. The CPU(central processing unit) is the core of the computer that runs all calculations and the monitor is the device that displays the result. Other devices required to use the computer are a mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc. There are also many other parts of computers that can be attached like printers, keypads, etc.

A computer is categorized into many different types based on its processing speed and uses. Supercomputers are the fastest and used by huge multinational companies to store data, mainframes are used by big offices while personal computers are used for small-scale or household purposes. Mobile phones are also a type of computer that processes data and displays output on the screen.

During this age and era, computers play a very vital role in human lives. Computers are versatile and can work in many fields. They are accurate and are diligent. In the medical field, computers are used to store medical data, manage information on patients in the hospital, etc. Computers are also used to diagnose diseases, run tests, and for finding the cure for deadly diseases. They use computers to diagnose diseases, run tests, and for finding the cure for deadly diseases. Saved data can be re-used again and conducting tests for finding cures to various diseases.

Just like in the medical sector, computers play a huge role in the research sector too. Internet is a technological gift that connects us with various other computers around the globe. It has made our world like a small village and is an encyclopedia of information. Computers help in all types of research, whether it’s scientific, astronomic, or social. People can upload their reports and findings on the web and collect the views and opinions of many. Computers also help us locate resources and various other discoverings whether they be below or above the ground.

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Computers are used in offices and other institutions for data management and storing. It has made our lives easier. One of the main uses of computers is in the entertainment sector. Computers can be used to generate images, edit them and code them making multimedia possible. Gaming, music, movie watching, and other forms of entertainment use computer and internet technology. Internet is like a platform where people can share their skills, talents, and ideas. It has given exposure to many people and still is. People can talk with each other from all parts of the world using social media. All of this is made possible by the computer.

Business and trade are also done via online processes. World’s richest people all have used computers to become successful in their lives. Nowadays the Banking work too is mostly done via online mediums through the computer. Computers are also used in food and other industries to have accurate control over the manufacturing process. Education too has been made easier by computers. People can now learn and take classes online too. They can ask for help from experts all over the world and help in problem-solving. These are all the advantages of computers.

With positive, negativity is also there. Due to computer technology, various computer-related crimes are also happening all over the world. Scamming, threatening, hacking, and stealing other people’s data all frequently happen in the world. Proper plans and policies should be made to control such illegal crimes. It is our choice to use it for the betterment of our lives or not. Ultimately, the computer now has become a huge part of our lives and we should use it properly.

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