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Essay on Climate Change

Essay on Climate Change

We humans are living on earth due to its suitable living environments. Such environments include sunlight, oxygen, the atmosphere, and water. Atmosphere is the layers of gases surrounding the earth. There are different types of gases and molecules in our atmosphere and its layers. Out of 5, the bottom one is called Troposphere. It contains 75% of the atmosphere’s total mass and is a place where weather changes take place. Weather is the condition of the atmosphere in the layer whether it may be hot, cold, dry, or wet. Such weather conditions over a long period of time over a wide area are known as Climate.

In the present, Climate change has become a piece of burning news. It refers to the change in the climatic weather patterns and temperatures. Although climates do change naturally, the main topic of concern is the climate change that occurs due to human activity. It brings up many harmful effects and creates problems for both humans and other creatures on earth. It is a global problem everyone should be aware of its causes and consequences.

The main notable cause of Climate change is the emission of CFCs (Chloro Fluoro Carbons). The ozone layer is very important to us. It is in the upper layer of the atmosphere and prevents harmful UV rays from entering the earth. The emissions from factories, vehicles, airplanes, and other sources have chemicals that when coming in contact with the ozone layer deplete it. It slowly thins out the ozone layer that prevents UV rays from entering our inner atmosphere. When exposed to UV rays, it causes aging of the skin faster, causes eye problems, rashes, burns, and even skin cancer. The plants and animals are also affected negatively by the UV rays.

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Another problem with the emissions of harmful gases is the greenhouse effect. A greenhouse traps sunlight and does not let it escape keeping the plants inside warm. The same phenomenon is happening with our Earth. The gases released into the atmosphere act as a greenhouse and do not let the heat escape from the earth. This makes the temperature of the earth warmer. This action of the temperature rise causes the melting of icebergs at the polar caps and gives rise to the sea level. The polar ecosystem slowly dies this way and threatens to sink small islands like the Maldives in the near future.

Drought, floods, wildfires easily happen due to the rise in temperature. Temperature influences the weather patterns and seasons change faster or slower. This also destroys the crop patterns and food usually found around that time may not be available at all. UV rays also destroy the fertility of soil resulting in less production ultimately resulting in a loss. Greenhouse gases are also responsible for Acid rain that damages the skin, corrodes steel or concrete, destroys crops and other life forms.

Beautiful landscapes would be destroyed and monuments corroded. Natural beauty such as the corals would also go extinct. Mutation can also take place that can change the form of humans entirely. All together, Climate change is a serious global issue and it is important that we fight against it.

It is not exactly possible to stop global warming and climate change. Human development is also required which needs factories and vehicles to work. What we can do is slow the process down as much as possible. this way the future generation will still have something to work with and can think of better measures to save our planet Earth.

The best solution would be to plant trees. The more trees we plant the better. Trees take carbon and release precious oxygen. If the majority of emissions are consumed by trees then we can slow the rapid increase in temperature by a lot. Government and its citizens should also come together and follow plans and policies to protect our earth. Awareness is necessary and pollution should be taken care of. Wastes should be collected in proper dumping sites and sewage should be controlled. Protection of existing forests should be given priority too.

Humans should assume responsibility for what they have done and slowly start fixing our Earth. If we don’t act now then it will be too late in the future.

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