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Essay on Bengal Tiger

Tigers are one of the species that are the most well-known throughout the world. Learn more in this Essay on Bengal Tiger.

Essay on Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger is the largest species of wild cat alive nowadays. There used to be nine subspecies of tigers, but three of them went extinct by the 20th century. Due to excessive hunting and destruction of the forests for land, the tiger species have been reduced by a large margin and most of the tiger species are endangered.

The Bengal tiger also known as Indian Tigers, is an endangered species due to the excessive hunting by the people. They were hunted by the people for merit and to sell their body parts for money. These days there are around 2500 Royal Bengal Tigers in the world. They have been gaining population due to the impressive efforts of the people working to preserve them. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India.

Tigers are solitary hunters. These beasts are very territorial and leave marks to show their territory. They are carnivorous and can travel quite a distance to catch their prey which includes deer, wild boars, buffaloes, cows, and other large mammals. They rely upon sneak tactics to catch their prey using their unique furs. No two tigers can have the same striped patterns. So, one of them can be identified by looking at the design of their furs. The stripes are not only present in their fur but in their skin as well.

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The tigers live up to 10 to 15 years. They are ferocious eaters and can eat up to 40 kg of meat in one go, but they usually eat lesser than that. Nighttime is the most optimal time for them to hunt, and they are very dedicated hunters. These tigers are very good runners and swimmers. They are very strong and can carry one to two tons by themselves. Their roar is the most powerful among any other tiger species in the world, and it can be heard up to three kilometers. Bengal tigers also have the biggest canine, measuring up to 10 cm.

The rear legs of the Bengal tiger are stronger ad longer than the front legs, this is because these tigers can leap forward up to 10 meters. The saliva of the Bengal Tiger has antiseptic properties, so when they get injured they lick themselves to heal their wounds. The female gives birth to about two to six cubs at a time and raises them alone. The newborn is very vulnerable, and they are protected by their mothers for a period of time.

The cause that led the tiger population to dwindle was that the locals were rewarded when hunting the tigers. This was a trend in the 19th century. This caused the tiger population to rapidly decrease and the agricultural land to increase. Nowadays, the Bengal Tigers are protected by the government and other non-governmental organizations. This has caused other new problems to arise, as the livestock of the villagers living in the Terai region, where the tiger rehabilitation programs are being held, are being eaten by the tigers. Some of them also attack humans, and this has caused the reputation of the tigers to plummet.

People in the Terai region mostly do not have a good impression of the Bengal tigers and only think of them as man-eating tigers or tigers that steal their livestock. But even so, this majestic creature ought to be preserved, as it is one of the greatest animals to exist. The Royal Bengal Tiger has an important role in maintaining the ecosystem and is important in some cultures of the world.

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