Essay on Artificial Intelligence For Students


Essay on Artificial Intelligence For Students

This is a modern era of information and technology. From 1822 when Charles Babbage made the first mechanical computer to today in the 21st century there has been a lot of progress in the computer sector. From first-generation vacuum tubes, second-generation transistors, third-generation Integrated circuits, and fourth-generation microprocessors the fifth generation of computers is Artificial Intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence or AI is the new generation of modern computers. Artificial intelligence is made up of two words “Artificial” and “Intelligence” which means that is man-made intelligence. It is an intelligence possessed by a computer to have the capacity to learn and solve problems imitating a human brain. Artificial intelligence is advancing every day and will be our future. Many believe that AI will solve many problems that humans cannot solve and will increase the standard of living for humans.

Artificial intelligence is not a new technology. This was theorized thousand of years ago by the greeks in their mythologies. In the 19th century, people started researching artificial intelligence. In 1943 Warren Sturgis McCulloch and Walter Pitts proposed an idea about Artificial Neurons. This laid the foundation for the artificial intelligence that we know of today. John McCarthy is known as the father of Artificial Intelligence because of his contributions to the subject matter and coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1956. 

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The first ever successful AI was a checkers program written by Christopher Strachey in 1951. Later Arthur Samuel also created a checker program taking ideas from Strachey’s program and modifying it so it learns from all the games it plays. With this mechanism, by playing many games and learning from them, the program won the then-checkers champion in 1962.

An AI takes a large number of intelligent data about a subject processes them and analyzes them and finds patterns and will be able to predict. The more data is fed into the AI the more they will be able to grow by analyzing the data. An AI does not need rest and can process hundreds of data without a break so it grows very quickly.

The goal of AI is to simulate a human mind that is capable of solving complex and challenging tasks. Machine learning is one of the components of AI. With this, the computer can take in data and learn from its past experiences by analyzing the connections, patterns, and relations of the data. 

AI is faster and more decisive than human beings, making them very useful in decision makings. It is a simulation of the human brain so it is just quicker and more effective to use AI. 

AI is used in many fields nowadays. Like marketing, banking, healthcare, science, retail, business, agriculture, etc. AI can take in various data and give an in-depth knowledge of the consumer for marketing, strategy, and the correct planning to generate maximum profit. It can help in checking mistakes in the data and checking for fraudulent data. AI is used in games to make the game more enjoyable. Self-driving cars are now being made and it is thanks to AI. These are some examples of the use of AI.

AI is quite debatable. Common worries about AI are that it could get so advanced that it might reproduce itself and harm humans. It might be used for hacking and be weaponized against the public. Many are worried about their jobs getting automated as such they will be jobless. Self-driving cars, for example, might automate transportation so drivers may be out of jobs however skilled they are. Another debated topic is whether AI should be given human rights.

AI is our future. It is growing every passing day allowing many new and amazing technologies to be made. There are many possibilities for AI and it may change the way we see the world. Depending on what we will do AI will change our future for better or for worse.

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