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shilu pokharel

C-LU Pokharel, aka Shilu Pokharel, is a popular Blind Date contestant best known for her iconic dialogues and her confidence. She rose to fame after the first episode of the Blind Date aired and was one of the first contestants in the show. She is also known for her rap songs.

Quick Facts about C-LU Pokharel

NameShilu Pokharel
Nickname C-LU , C-LU Didi , Blind date Queen
Birth DateDecember 1st
Birth PlaceKathmandu, Nepal
HeightApprox. 5 ft 6 inch
WeightApprox 50 kg
OccupationArtist, Rapper, Business women
AffiliationBlind Date Season 1
TitleBlind Date Queen
Relationship statusMarried
HusbandKiran Khati aka Goldie

C-LU Pokharel | Blind Date

C-LU participated in Blind Date to find her life partner. She never expected she would blow up. C-lu was one of the first participants in the Blind Date. Even before the first episode aired, C-LU was already in the spotlight with her introduction video. After the first episode was released, C-LU instantly found popularity for her statement, confidence, savage moments, and rap.

In the first episode, C-LU was paired with Devendra, and their chemistry entertained everyone. The clips of the Blind date and her statements became meme material which further promoted the series and with that C-LU’s popularity skyrocketed.

C-LU was one of the first contestants on the blind date and managed to enter the finale and eventually win the show. She lastly paired with Goldie, another contestant from the show.

C-LU Pokharel Songs

C-LU Pokharel struggled to find a name in the entertainment industry prior to Blind Date. She is an artist who has released songs such asĀ  K hola Maya, Balyakal, Ajkal malai, and so on. These songs were not popular when they were released but with the popularity of CLU from the blind date, the songs blew up and have garnered more than thousands of views.


C-LU Pokharel Boyfriend and Husband

C-LU Pokharel participated in the blind date as she wanted to find a compatible partner who would intellectually impress her and understand her. After that, C-LU went on dates with many blind date contestants and finally ended up with Goldie.

C-LU has been uploading dates with Goldie on her Youtube channel. She recently got married to Goldie and their marriage was a huge buzz on social media.

C-LU Pokharel marriage
Shilu with her husband Goldie at their wedding.

C-LU Pokharel Rumours and Controversy

C-Lu Pokharel is well known for her statements that made her viral on social media. Whether it is her 15 thousand foundation controversy or her admirer lines from Baneswor to Thankot, her statements in the Blind date have gotten the spotlight on social media.

There have been rumors that C-LU and Kiran Khati aka Goldie were already couples even before appearing on the blind date and they have an adopted daughter. But, the rumors aren’t verified yet.

C-LU Pokharel Social Media

Some Facts about C-LU Pokharel

  • She is the owner of the clothing storeĀ  @sk.hip_hop_clothing
  • She is a rap artist.
  • She is the winner of blind date season 1.
  • She is married.

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