Best Night Clubs In Kathmandu

best nightclubs in kathmandu

You’ve been working all week and want somewhere to chill back and relax, or perhaps dance the night away. Kathmandu’s nightlife is also quite busy, especially at the heart of the capital. Finding the perfect spot can make or break your evening. Be it dancing, downing cocktails, listening to live music or just lay back and enjoy the atmosphere, the spot is important. We run you down on the best night clubs in Kathmandu that you should definitely check out.

Best Night Clubs in Kathmandu

1. Lord Of The Drinks

An obvious pick for one of the best night clubs in Kathmandu, Lord Of The Drinks or best known as LOD prime destination for many party-goers. The place is Situated in Bhagwatisthan near the heart of the city and is fitted with cutting-edge sound system, chic decor and a vibrant atmosphere. Do not forget to keep in touch with their regular hostings of renowned DJs and live performances, you definitely don’t want to miss anything out.

best night clubs in kathmandu

2. Club Omnia

Situated near the entrance of the famous Thamel, Club Omnia stands out as one of the best nightclubs in the city. The club serves great cocktails and live music making it a perfect place to party all night.

club omnia

3. Reggae Bar

If all the bass boosted floors aren’t for you then Reggae Bar is a perfect gateaway for a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere. It’s all about the “vibe”. The bar offers dimly lit interior, complemented by colorful reggae-themed decorations and wall art. It has a welcoming environment and a cool crowd making it an ideal place to enjoy some great tunes and refreshing drinks.

reggae bar

4. Purple Haze Rock Bar

If you’re looking for something rock and grand, Purple Haze is the place to go. The place is one of the best night clubs in Kathmandu and is famous for its live American Rock performance and its electric atmosphere. Purple Haze is free entry for most of its events, making it a perfect place to enjoy live bands and indulge in the rock ‘n’ roll ambiance.

purple haze

Great cocktails, Live music and lots of dancing

5. Shisa Lounge and Bar

Shisa Lounge and Bar offers both relaxation and a busy nightlife. The bar is smaller yet comfortable and cozy. The ambient lighting and its extensive hookah menu makes it a great place for people who prefer a more relaxed evening. Sure there won’t be the electric atmosphere but there’s nothing wrong with spending the night with your friends and families in a laidback bar with live music.

sisha lounge

Outdoor seating and live music

6. Sam’s Bar

Adding on to the list of late night casual nightout bars, we have Sam’s Bar. The place is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The bar often features live music, DJ sets, good outdoor seatings and most importantly, an affordable menu. Don’t forget the place is open all week except for Mondays.

sams bar

7. Kings Lounge

Situated in the vibrant nightlife of Kathmandu, Kings Lounge offers a pleasant ambiance and delectable food, making it ideal for music enthusiasts. The atmosphere is tranquil and despite the slightly pricey menu, Kings Lounge remains a notable spot to savor good food and quality time.

kings lounge

8. Sugar KTM

If you’re into some hip hops, Sugar KTM is the place to go. While fairly recent, the place is one of best night clubs in Kathmandu. Sugar KTM is located in Thamel where nightlife is at its peak in Kathmandu. The slightly smaller place is made up by its cool and vibey atmosphere. The place offers great drinks, all night dancing and live music that keeps you on your feet the entire night.

  • Great Cocktails, Live Music and dancing
  • pening Time:  All Week, 8 PM to 12 AM, Sundays 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Find Sugar On Google Maps

Please be informed that the above list of the best night clubs in Kathmandu is not ranked in any order. As newer popular places pop up for nightlife wanderers, the list is subject to chance. Enjoy your night out to the fullest, making new memories and friends at these places.

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