10 best hill stations around Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu valley is surrounded by enthralling and mesmerizing scenic hills. These hill stations are blessed with extremely beautiful natural creations and bloomed with majestic Himalayan scenery. The scenic hill stations will provide an unforgettable travel experience without the need to go far from the valley. Here are the 10 best hill stations around Kathmandu Valley :

1. Nagarkot

 best hill stations around Kathmandu Valley

Nagarkot is a popular hill station in Kathmandu Valley. It is located east of Kathmandu in the Bhaktapur district. It is well-known for its panoramic views of the Himalayas and its exquisite sunsets and sunrises. A night stay at Nagarkot is a must. Barbeque, campfires and camping in Nagarkot will give you unforgettable memories for your life book. It is the perfect hill station to visit if you want to get away from the chaos of the city without having to travel too far from Kathmandu.

2. Dhulikhel

Dhulikhel is a picturesque and historic town in Kathmandu. It is located on Kodari Highway around 30 kilometres east of Kathmandu. Dhulikhel is known for its panoramic view of the Himalayan range. A short trip to Namobuddha, with its stupa and Buddhist monastery, is worthwhile from the main town. Panauti is a short distance from Dhulikhel and is known for its numerous temples with outstanding wood carvings. If you love adventure, then you should definitely try zipline. Dhulikhel is the finest destination to visit for travellers looking for a quick but captivating vacation.

3. Kakani

Another wonderful location for seeing the beautiful mountain views is Kakani. The panoramic mountains can be seen about two hours northwest of Kathmandu. The breathtaking view features a large collection of spectacular peaks spanning from Ganesh Himal to the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. Rhododendrons growing wild on mountain slopes begin blooming in late winter and last for several months, providing the village with a beautiful backdrop. This location is renowned for short drives, picnics, and distant stunning Himalayas.

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4. Phulchowki Hill

Phulchowki hill is around 14 kilometres south of the Kathmandu valley. It is one of the popular hill stations in Kathmandu Valley in terms of nature and bird watching. The hill is encircled by a dense forest of various flora, including Rhododendron of various colours, including pure white and Dark red  Rhododendron. The walk to the top is arduous, but the reward is breathtaking views. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the other hills and gorgeous mountain ranges from Annapurna to Gaurishankar. There is also a shrine dedicated to Phulchowki Mai at the summit of the hill, which is encircled by prayer flags and tridents.

5. Chovar

Chovar, a scenic hill station on the outskirts of Kathmandu, lies on the road to Dashinkalli. It is known for its picturesque views of the Kathmandu valley’s surrounding hills. The captivating hill station is not only popular with international visitors, but it is also a very attractive location for valley inhabitants. Chovar apprehends individuals in the valley who seek a one-day break from their regular routine. Another major attraction is the Chobhar Gorge. The Buddhist deity Manjushri is said to have split the hill at Chovar in half with a great sword, letting out the water of a lake and opening the fertile valley for habitation.



Shivapuri is a popular hill station located on the north side of Kathmandu. In the spring, an upward journey to Shivapuri hill is delightful among the flowering rhododendrons, and mountain views. Since the Shivapuri National Park lies in the Shivapuri area, Deer and monkeys may be spotted by visitors. Bird enthusiasts will find a diverse range of bird species. You’ll find a Buddhist monastery at the summit of the hill. This hill station is known for its panoramic views over Kathmandu’s northeast side as well as the spectacular Himalayas in the north.


Daman is located eighty kilometres southwest of Kathmandu on the Tribhuvan Highway. It features a lookout tower with a long-range telescope. The hill station is famous for its breathtaking grandeur of the world’s highest peaks from the far west of Dhaulagiri to the east of Mt. Everest. In winter, the place is covered in snow and is a popular place for people from Kathmandu to rejoice in the snow

8. Ghyampe Dada

Ghyampe Dada is a popular hill station located in Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur. It is a few rides/ walk from Suryabinayak Ganeshsthan. The place is known for its tranquil and peaceful environment. The breathtaking view of Kathmandu Valley and panoramic view of majestic view from the top makes it a popular hill station. There is an ashram named Pilot Baba ashram at the top of the hill.

9. Trishul Dada

Trishul dada is located in Chaaling, Bhaktapur.It lies to the north of Changunarayan. The location can be reached via winding roads that are a little rugged. There is a temple and a huge Trishul at the top and thus, is called Trishul dada. From the top, the view of the Kathmandu valley is breathtaking. The location is at the top of a hill in a tranquil and calm setting.

10. Chandragiri hills

The Chandragiri hill is located on the southwest side of Kathmandu Valley. It lies at the height of 2551 m from sea level. The place is famous for the breathtaking view of  Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayan mountains, from Annapurna to Everest. It is said that Prithvi Narayan Shah saw Kathmandu valley from the Chandragiri. It looked like a piece of heaven and Shah wanted to capture the Kathmandu Valley since then. The cable cars have made it easier to get into the top without the need to hike. There is the Temple of Lord Shiva at the top.


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