Best Dating Places in Kathmandu

In the previous post, we have listed some of the best dating places in Bhaktapur, where you can spend your time with your loved ones.  Many people are looking for best dating spots in Kathmandu city as suggested by Google. This article is prepared to get some idea about the best private and romantic places around Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is not only the capital city of Nepal but also the capital of lovers. There are so many beautiful and romantic places in Kathmandu to spend quality time with your lovers. Here are the 10 Best Dating places in Kathmandu where you can spend quality time with your lovers.

1. Gardens of Dreams

Garden of Dreams is located at Kaiser Mahal complex in the neighborhood of Thamel. This Neo-classical garden is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones within the city. It is a peaceful oasis in the middle of a busy city. The garden has several beautiful flowers, fountains, and pergolas. Perfect to chitchat, take photos, read books and spend peaceful time with your loved ones.

2. Single Tree Hills

Singletree hill is located in Ichangunarayan, Swayambhu. The place has the best view of the Kathmandu Valley. You can spend some quality time with your loved ones with the beautiful view of the valley. The place is peaceful with a serene environment.

3. Fulbari Monastery

Fulbari Monastery is located in Gokarna, Kathmandu. The beautiful monastery is located at the top of the hill. It has a peaceful and serene environment to spend some quality time with your loved ones. There are parks built on the side of the monastery with beautiful parks, It is a beautiful place to be with your loved ones.

4. Taudaha

In the list of 10 Best Dating places in Kathmandu, Taudaha is another one. Taudaha is a small lake on the outskirts of Kathmandu. The lake is a favorite for winter migratory birds. It is a tranquil and undisturbed waterbody that houses a variety of freshwater fishes and snakes. If you want to spend some peaceful and private time with your loved ones, you can head to Taudaha. It is 6 km from the center of Kathmandu and about 20 minutes from the ride.

5. Shivapuri

If you guys are hiking lovers, what can be a perfect date than hiking in mountains with your loved ones. It’s a great place to come for a quick escape to nature from Kathmandu. You can spend some private time with your loved ones in peaceful nature. This makes it the Best Dating place in Kathmandu

6. Chandragiri

Chandragiri is a perfect escape from the city hustle-bustle. It lies in Thankot, Kathmandu. If you are someone who doesn’t like hiking but still wants to enjoy that beautiful view from the top, you can just go to Chandragiri. The cable car allows you to reach the top and enjoy the beautiful view of Kathmandu Valley.

7. Bhrikutimandap Funpark

If you are looking for a fun park date at an affordable price and without the need to go far from Kathmandu, Bhrikutimandap is a perfect choice for you. You can enjoy adventurous games such as Ferris Wheel, boat ride, Columbus, roller coaster, car game and so on.

8. Manjushree Park

Manjushree Park is located in Chovar, Kathmandu, It is a beautiful place with a serene environment to spend some good time with your loved ones. The view from the top of the hill, the greenery, and nature is perfect for the date. You can also visit Chovar cave and Taudaha lake nearby.

9. Ratnapark

If you are looking for a dating place not far from the Kathmandu area, Ratnapark is right for you. It is a beautiful park in the busy Kathmandu area where you can relax in nature without the need to go far. You just need to pay some fees to get inside the park. There are swings, benches, beautiful flowers, trees, and gardens to relax with your partner and have some chitchats. The best part is you even get free wifi in the park. So you can watch some Youtube movies together or even play pubg together on the date 🙂

10. Whoppeland

Best dating places in Kathmandu

Whoppeland is located in Kritipur, Kathmandu. It is a theme park with a carousel, roller coaster & robotic dinosaurs, plus an outdoor pool with slides. It’s a great dating place to have some fun with your loved ones. You can go for an adventurous ride, play water games and click some memorable photos together.

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