10 Romantic & Best Dating Places in Dharan

Dharan is a beautiful city in Nepal in eastern Nepal. Dharan is also known as the city of blue. There are lots of places to hang around. In fact, Dharan is one of the cleanest cities in Nepal. In this post, we are particularly talking about the romantic and best places for couples. If you are looking for dating places in Dharan. Here is the best dating place in Dharan:

1. Namaste Waterfall

best dating place in Dharan

Just 9 KM away from the main bazaar of Bhedetar lies a beautiful waterfall namely Namaste falls. The waterfall can be reached with 15 minutes walk from the highway. Namaste falls is about 50 m high and is a famous tourist destination for the people of Nepal and India. This is a beautiful place to enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

2. Bhedetar

Bhedetar is around 17 km far from the main Dharan bazaar. This beautiful hill station lies at the height of 1420m and is a famous all-weather travel destination. The place is known for its beautiful panoramic view and adventures sports such as paragliding and zipline. If you guys love adventure then you should definitely try paragliding and zipline.

For paragliding, You need to preorder your flight with Dharan Sky Adventure Paragliding. It would cost around Rs. 6000and the flight starts from 1250 meters above sea level and lands at 390 meters height of Dharan-14, Bijayapur. There is also a zipline of 650-meter-long that starts from the welcome gate of Bhedetar and descends to Debhithan of Dharan-4. It would cost you about  Rs. 1200 to 2000.

3. Shiva Jatta

Shiv Jatta is one of the beautiful hidden places in Dharan. The natural beauty and religious significance of this place bring the huge potential for it to be a tourist destination. The legends say that Lord Shiva was walking around carrying the body of Goddess Sati. While bathing his jatta fell on this spot and hence, the place is called Shiva Jatta. The roads to the place are rough so you have to hike for around 20-30 minutes hike from zero point in Dharan. It is a beautiful place with a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and a beautiful waterfall. It is the best to place to spend time in the laps of nature with your loved ones.

4. Dharan Clock Tower

Dharan clock tower is a famous landmark in Dharan. It is located in Bhanuchowk and is 76 feet tall clock. The Dharan clock looks like a replica of the Hongkong clock tower. It is the best place to click some photos, hang out and enjoy the beautiful view of Dharan city from the top.

5. BP Park/ Osho Park

BP Park also known as Osho Park is a popular park in Dharan. The popularity of this place peaked after Wildlife Diversity Park was built. There is so much to do in this park. You can chill out in the gardens, have a dry picnic, capture photos and visit the wildlife diversity park. The flower bridge in Osho Park is famous for taking photos and making TikTok. This is the best place for dating in Dharan.

6. Yalambar Park

Yalambar Park is a beautiful park in Dharan that offers a mini-zoo and playground for children. The park is dedicated to King Yalambar from the Kirant dynasty and has a statue of him. You can find different species of animals and birds in the zoo such as peacocks, deer, dhanesh, huchil etc. There is a manmade pond with different fishes. It is the best place to hang out with your loved ones.

7. Buddha Subba Temple

The famous religious shrine of Eastern Nepal, Buddha Subba Temple is located at Bijayapur, Dharan. It lies on the bank of the Seuti river and it is believed that when you visit the temple your wishes come true. The place is located in a peaceful and serene environment and is an ideal place for dating. You can go there and get the blessing from god.

8. Chinde Dada

The beautiful hill point of Dharan, Chinde dada is a famous hiking destination in Dharan. The top of this hill offers you a beautiful panoramic view of Dharan city and the Saptakoshi river. The peaceful and green place is the ideal place to chill out and have some chitchats. It is a great place for a dry picnic. You can enjoy quality time and hence is the best place for dating in Dharan.

9. Bijayapur Hill

Another viewpoint in Dharan is the Bijayapur hill from where you can see the beautiful view of Dharan City. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Bhanu Chowk and is a peaceful escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. You can chill out with your loved ones with the beautiful view accompanying you. Go for that TikTok style Dry picnic and enjoy the moment in nature.

10.Dharan Stadium

Dharan Stadium is located in Janpath Dharan. The best part is that it is accessible for all and is a popular place for sports tournaments, evening walks, and paragliding landings. People do come for hangouts in the evening. The place is still under construction and has become a park for the locals.

So, these are some of the best romantic and dating places in Dharan you can hang out in.

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