10 Reasons why blind date became so popular in Nepal

You probably have already known about the reality show Blind Date. The reality show has just finished its first season with a whopping amount of viewers and has achieved huge success despite... Read more »
shilu pokharel

Blind Date C-LU Pokharel Biography

C-LU Pokharel, aka Shilu Pokharel, is a popular Blind Date contestant best known for her iconic dialogues and her confidence. She rose to fame after the first episode of the Blind Date... Read more »
nirmal purja

Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai (Mountaineer) Biography

Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai is a well-known Nepalese mountaineer, actor, and former Gurkha soldier. He holds a number of world records in mountaineering and is best known for his world record... Read more »

Aaslesha Thakuri (Actress) Biography

Aaslesha Thakuri is a popular Nepali actress best known for her role in Prem Geet 2 opposite Pradeep Khadka. Aaslesha Thakuri Childhood and Education Aaslesha Thakuri was born on August 5, 1995.... Read more »

Rubeena Thapa (Actress) Biography

Rubeena Thapa is a stunning model and actor in the Nepali film industry. She is the winner of En Vogue Face of House of Fashion 2016. Debuted to the film line with... Read more »

Mala Limbu (Actress) Biography

Mala Limbu is a popular model and actor best known for her appearance in the hit song Kale Dai. She is also referred to as a Hollywood beauty as she looks similar... Read more »

Mariska Pokharel (Actress) Biography

Mariska Pokharel is a Nepali model and actress who made her acting debut in the film K ma Timro Hoina Ra. She began her acting career after being chosen in an audition... Read more »

Alisha Rai (Model) Biography

Alisha Rai is a popular Nepali model best known after her appearance in the Thamel bazaar song from Loot 2. She has appeared in several music videos and is a popular face... Read more »

10 powerful medicinal plants that you must have in your home

Ayurveda has a long history of treating the disease through medicinal herbs. It is scientifically proven and is the best way to treat any disease without potential chemical consequences. In this article,... Read more »

Shilpa Maskey (Actress) Biography

Shilpa Maskey is a popular Nepalese film actress. She has also been termed a Hollywood girl as she appeared in the popular Hollywood movie Doctor Strange. She has worked on several national... Read more »