10 Best Dating Places in Lalitpur

In the previous post, we have listed down the best dating places in Kathmandu. Now, Lalitpur is another great city lied within the Kathmandu valley. Lalitpur is also equally rich in the heritage sites and natural beauty. Lalitpur has got more greenery and lust gardens.

Lalitpur is a beautiful ancient town known for its picturesque temples, palaces, courtyards and panoramic beauty. It’s an ideal place to spend quality time with your loved ones. In this article, we are going to list down the top 10 Best dating places in Lalitpur.

1. Patan Durbar Square

Best dating places in Lalitpur

Patan Durbar Square is a historical landmark in Lalitpur. This concentrated cluster of temples is one of the most aesthetically spectacular displays of Newari architecture in Nepal. It is the best hang out spot for the locals and couples in the town. There are so many things you can do in Patan Durbar Square such as clicking photos, eating kulfis and popular coffee, cotton candy and visit museums. You can simply walk on the alleys of Patan and eat some local foods. There are so many good restaurants around that you could hop for quick lunch.

2. Godawari

Godawari botanical garden is located in the Lalitpur district. It takes around 30 -40 minutes ride from the main patan area. The Garden covers an area of about 82 hectares and is surrounded by evergreen natural forests. It is home to over 500 distinct plant species. In the spring and autumn, this park is lush with colours with different species of flowers blooming. It is located in a peaceful and serene environment and is the perfect place to hang out with your loved ones.

3. Pulchowki Dada

Phulchowki Dada is the highest hill in and surrounding Kathmandu Valley located at  2783 meters above sea level. The place is famous for providing a bird’s eye perspective of Kathmandu and a wonderful mountain range panorama. Hike to Pulchowki Dada is a great way to get away from the valley for a few hours and appreciate the scenery this Dada has to offer. It is the perfect place for dating in Lalitpur. You can go there during the snowfall in the winter.

4. Jawalakhel Zoo

Jawalakhel Zoo is the perfect place for a date in Lalitpur. It is located in Jawalkhel, Lalitpur and can be easily accessible. The zoo has so much to offer other than wild animals. It has different species of wild animals such as rhino, langur, tiger, chimpanzee, lions etc. With this, there are several recreational activities such as boating, children park and games. You can go there with your loved ones and bring out their inner child in you. It is a fun place for a date.

5. Labim Mall

Labim Mall is a popular mall in Lalitpur. The newly built mall is the most happening mall in the town. It has a beautiful ambience, lots of cuisines and shops. It’s a great place to hang out with your loved ones. Especially during the festivals, Labim Mall comes with different decorations and themes. You can enjoy your time there. Also, You can watch movies in Labim Mall QFX.

6. Jhamsikhel

Jhamsikhel is a famous neighbourhood in Lalitpur. The place has amazing restaurants and cafes. The place is also known for its ambience, peace and famous cafes and shops. It’s like Thamel of Lalitpur and is a great place for dating. You can hop into cafes such as Karma Coffee, Kyubis kitchen, Redmud Coffee and so on.

7. UN Park

United Nations or UN park is located at Sankhamul, Lalitpur. The entry for the park is free and is a popular dating place for couples. This park covers 1,576 ropanis and stretches from the Shankhamul Ghat to the Teku Dobhan. There is a beautiful garden and children park inside the park.

8. Pimbahal Pond

Pimbahal Pond is an artificial pond in Lalitpur. You can get there a few minutes walk from Mangalbazaar. The place has a huge pond and sitting area from where you can enjoy the view. Also, there are several cafes and restaurants from where you can enjoy the view. Don’t forget to go to the famous laphing centre in Pimbahal and also the flavoured chips shop while you are there 🙂

9. Lagankhel Thur Stupa

The Lagankhel Thur Stupa is located near Lagankhel bus stop. The stupa is around 30 meters tall and half the size of a football field in diameter. It is a Buddhist holy site. In the Patan, there are roughly four similar stupas. Because of its location and a large area to hang out, the Lagankhel stupa is the greatest of the four to visit. The place lies in a tranquil and peaceful setting and is an ideal place for dating in Lalitpur.

10. One Tree Hill

One tree hill is located in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur. Because there is only one tree on the top of the hill, it is known as a one tree hill. From the peak, the view of Kathmandu Valley is breathtaking. It’s a tranquil and pleasant spot to spend time with your loved ones. It’s a refreshing break from the city’s bustle.

These are the Best Dating Places in Lalitpur. However, there are plenty of hidden and unexplored places in Lalitpur. Which one is yout favorite of you want list down in this list of Best Dating Places in Lalitpur? Comment below of you can suggest us via Contact page.



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